Friday, December 20, 2013

Colin highlights 10 additional commitments from SNP led Highland Council

As seen on Colin's facebook page earlier today:

"Today, the SNP-led Highland Council made 10 additional commitments with the programme for the next few years - several of which were proposed by Nairn's 2 SNP Councillors! All are important across Highland - but some have particular importance for our ancient Royal Burgh.

The economy
1. We will investigate new opportunities for non-domestic rate incentives for town centres/specified streets or localities where support is needed to help to reverse localised economic decline.
2. We will explore all opportunities to promote wider application of the living wage across Highland.
Caring communities
3. We will continue to lobby for measures that will mitigate the negative effects of Welfare Reform measures on individuals, providers of social housing and the rural economy. As the first Council in Scotland to work directly with the Department for Work and Pensions on Universal Credit mitigation for local claimants, the Council will also seek to improve communications, data sharing and local joint working with the Department.

Better infrastructure

4. We will devise a comprehensive strategy to bring about a reduction in energy costs in the Highlands, including particular support for fuel poor households and co-operative fuel buying.
5. We will adopt the principles of ‘shared space’ in order to find innovative solutions for reconciling traffic movement with quality public spaces in our cities, towns and villages.
6. We will work with HITRANS and rail operators to seek expansion of concessionary commuter fares to routes south and east of Inverness.
7. We will campaign for incentives from Scottish and UK Governments to reduce the negative impact that poorly maintained buildings have in our communities.
8. We will promote seaborne tourism by developing the network of harbours around our coastline through a partnership of Council harbours, trust ports, community owned or operated harbours, and privately owned facilities, in order to generate income and employment for our coastal communities.

Empowering communities
9. Working with the UK and Scottish Government and Electoral bodies we will encourage voter turn-out, especially among younger people.
10. We will reduce the volume of printed material produced by the Council building on a current initiative for paperless Council meeting options and developing further options for members, customers and employees to conduct Council business on-line."

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