Monday, February 17, 2014

Auldearn and area bypass group facebook page

Thanks to one of our regular readers for pointing us in the direction of this facebook page created by Tom Pearce. You have to be logged into Facebook to access the page but those Gurnites that do have an account and are following bypass issues may be interested. 

Tom Pearce has published the content of an e-mail from Fergus Ewing in which the MSP includes a list of questions he had for a meeting with Transport Scotland on the 30th of January. Fergus wrote in the first paragraph of that e-mail:
"Many thanks for your note. I have received many representations regarding the consultation on the proposed route of the bypass. This has engendered a great deal of concern.
Whilst there is , I believe, a strong majority in favour of a by pass of Nairn, there is much  scepticism and discontent about the manner and timing of the consultation."

Further into his correspondence he goes on to say:
"I am putting to Transport Scotland, whom I am meeting on 30th January, these points and will 
secure answers to them namely
*Have they used the most up to date maps
*Did they walk the line
*Have they had regard to individual properties on the line of the various options for the route
*Why have they not included other options, which have been previously considered, especially that 
in the enquiry of 2000."

Also on the facebook page is a complaint that Transport Scotland have not asked for permission before going onto property with their theodolites etc, More details on the Auldearn and area bypass facebook page. 

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