Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ongoing town centre survey receives over 250 responses so far

NICE activist Joan Noble told the Gurn “The Nairn Town Centre questionnaire being facilitated by NICE has already reached over 250 responses, which is a very encouraging figure for surveys of this sort. The reason for the survey is ensure that the community's opinions are central to the Town Centre Charette being held in April.” 
She went on: “Forms have been available in the Community Centre, Library, Courthouse and some shops, as well as being handed out in the High Street and other venues and meeting points. As well as paper copies, the survey is still available on line at www.nicenairn.org.uk.”
Joan finished with a plea: “So please if you haven't already filled one in, take this chance to have your say about what you'd like to see happening in Nairn town centre”

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Anonymous said...

Only 250? Thought there were over 1000 members of NICE and what is the population of Nairn?