Monday, February 10, 2014

Changing treescapes of Nairn

Recently the controversial removal of trees on the industrial estate made a few waves (Gurn article here). Another more prominent tree has had its day too just below the Jubilee Bridge. Gurnites that are familiar with the river will know the  mature willow that dominated this spot until a few days ago. It took a battering in the recent storms and was obviously deemed to be a danger by the authorities. The tree was felled towards the end of last week and work continued on the clear up today. Murd Dunbar sent the Gurn the picture below.

Willow is very resistant however and very quick growing, within 3- 4 years new shoots from the base will have grown by at least 20ft. Every such felling creates an opportunity. A young larch that was growing very slowly under the cover of the willow seems to have survived the felling and can be seen in the middle of the picture. If it remains undamaged during the clean-up it too may one day reach the height of the willow in its heyday and perhaps a little bit more too. 

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