Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Westies and Subbies - first joint meeting next Tuesday (25th) will have a very full agenda - a chance to have your say too

Many topics that have made headlines in recent weeks will be discussed at the first joint meeting of Nairn West and Suburban Councils next Tuesday (25th February) at Nairn Academy. Other items that come round every year are on the list for discussion too. One of our regular readers was asking if the Westies and Subbies are now holding joint meetings should they be called the Wubbies? Anyway, if any Gurnites have any views on any of the items below then you will have a chance to go along and make your voice heard next week. Here is the agenda.

1) Welcome.
2) In Attendance / Apologies.
3) Approve Minutes for NSCC Meeting on 28th. January 2014.
Approve Minutes for NWCC Meeting on 12th. December 2013.
4) Approve Agenda.
5) Police Matters.
6) Matters Arising:- (1) Town Centre Planning Charette/Workshops.
(2) A96 & Bypass plus linkages.
(3) Nairn South Planning Appeal/Hearing.
(4) Nairn Traffic Order –Update.
(5) Community Winter Gritting.
(6) Rosebank Church (NWCC)
(7) Licensing Rules Consultation.
(8) Inner Moray Firth LDP.
7) Treasurer’s Report(s).
a) Altonburn Hotel site & Sandown Farm Lane. (NSCC)
b) Viewfield/Nairn Sports Club. (NWCC)
9) Seagull Control.
10) Flood Prevention : River & Sea.
11) Ward Councillors Report.
12) A.O.B. - 
a) Events Committee.
b) Balmakeith Trees.
c) Ward Forum Meeting.

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