Saturday, February 08, 2014

Highland Cycle Ability Centre Cantray Mill - Open Day - interviews and pictures

The Gurn was today up at the Highland Cycle Ability Centre today and what a fantastic resource it is. The Kilometer long circuclar track is in a beautiful setting just along the banks of the River Nairn from the Mill itself and the other side of the bridge from the Rural Skills College. Today during the celebrations a cheque for ₤4,798 from the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh was handed over to the centre. Alastair MacGregor told the Gurn that the cash was much welcomed boost for the centre and was earmarked to buy more cycles. To find out more about the track and what goes on there listen to the two interviews below the image with Jane Harkiss and James MacGregor.  More images here including the handover of the cheque.   And here's the centre website. 

Please note we also did an interview with Alastair MacGregor but we messed the settings up on that - sorry Alastair. 


Jane Harkiss said...

Great day for all! Cheers to the Gurn for these wonderful pics and raising awareness of a really very unique cycling experience for all!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic facility - digitally timed kilometre loops should attract interest from all performance athletes - on 2 wheels, 4 wheels or on foot.
Best regards

Jane Harkiss said...

Absolutely Colin - it's a wonderful resource for everyone!