Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Nairn County Football Club Exhibition Summer 2014 – Nairn Museum appeals for photographs and memorabilia

In the summer of 2014 Nairn County Football Club celebrate the centenary of the club’s admission to the Highland Football League. However 1914 was not the beginning of the journey, County’s entry to the league was a major, but long overdue, step along the way for a small club which emerged from fairly humble beginnings to become the powerful force we see in the Highland League today.

To commemorate the journey Nairn Museum intends to hold an exhibition of photographs and memorabilia charting more than 130 years of “the beautiful game” being played in the town.

The exhibition, and a soon to be published book on the story of Nairn County F.C. (co-written by three of the club’s supporters) aims to bring the rich and largely forgotten history of our town’s senior football club to a wider audience  of supporter and non-supporter alike, and with this in mind Nairn Museum appeals to the people of the town, Nairnites further afield and the wider public to scour their lofts and attics for any old photographs or memorabilia (old football strips, boots or other items of interest) connected to ex-players, supporters or officials of Nairn County Football Club which could be displayed in the exhibition (dates to be notified).

Museum manager Yvonne Cotter and volunteer Bill Logan would like to assure potential contributors those items handed in for assessment will be handled with care and respect. Old photographs will be scanned into the museum’s archive files and the original copies returned to their owners as quickly as possible. It should also be stressed that, due to lack of storage space, in the museum, objects selected for display will only be held for the duration of the exhibition and returned soon after the close of the event.

In order to make this a truly memorable exhibition it is hoped that the public can bring to light some, forgotten until now, items for display to a wider and appreciative audience.

Please contact the Museum Manager on Tel. 01667 456791 e-mail managerATnairnmuseum.co.uk
or Bill Logan on Tel. 01667 459496  e-mail  loganw2011ATbtinternet.com  (AT replaces @ in those addresses to confuse spam harvesters)

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