Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Community Councillors call for Cllr Colin MacAulay to speak at Nairn South planning hearing

Yesterday at the combined meeting of Nairn West and Suburban Community Councils Brian Stewart said:

 “There has been and there is a clear sense that the view of the community in the sense of what Nairn wants is pretty unified. There is a very broad consensus around this issue and in a way, we’re quite keen, I would have thought, to have the strongest and broadest representation possible of the local community’s views if […] If we feel the pressure, we the community councils, feel the pressure to mobilise a collective consensus and representation and to deploy that as effectively as possible. We see ourselves doing that essentially in support of the Highland Council’s stated position and it’s for that reason we feel we need to field the strongest team, or they ought to be fielding the strongest team possible in support of the debate that is to happen and we understand Liz is effectively debarred.”

Colin then said: “If I’m entitled to be there Brian, I’ll be there.” 

It was then Rosemary Young who intervened: “I’m known for plain speaking – Colin we need you there!” We haven’t got Liz because she has just put herself out of the job really, which is appalling. We need all four. The town does not…” 

Rosemary was unable to finish as Colin cut in: “I think that is unfair, there are a whole range of people who are out of the job for specific reasons…”

Just as abruptly Rosemary reintervened: “She’s got a planning thing in coming in herself. So that’s a sort of self-servicing thing, she should be representing the town because that is what she was elected to do and the town…”

Again Colin interjected: “We can all have a conflict of interest on all of the issues we deal with on the Council Rosemary.”

Rosemary replied “I’m sure we do but what we are saying is and I know because I hear this from people, we need our elected councillors to be speaking for us on the things on the things that we feel about and we don't want this.”