Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Local business claims to have a discreet and stylish way of dealing with doggie jobbies

With Highland Council promoting its Green Dog Walking scheme, with the tagline, leave only paw prints. One enterprising local micro business, based in Cawdor, might just have the answer to the conscientious dog walkers’ dilemma, what to do with that nasty bag of poo once you’ve cleaned up after your dog. Out in our beautiful countryside bins are not always easy to find and carrying ‘that’ bag’s an unpleasant prospect!
Jon Lane from The Little Cawdor Bag Company tells us how their product, the appropriately named Poo-Ch Bag provides a discreet alternative.

“I was fed up of walking our dogs on the beach or in the forest, cleaning up after them and then continuing my walk swinging a nasty unhygienic bag of poo in one hand” he laughs, “It’s embarrassing, unpleasant and now unnecessary”.
He approached his wife Jane, who makes bespoke Tweed handbags, and set her the task of designing a suitable bag. It had to be simple to use, practical, hygienic and discreet. After a couple of trials she came up with The Poo-Ch Bag.

The Poo-Ch Bag has two pockets to the front one for clean waste bags and one for treats. The main body of the bag is of Tweed or Tartan, whilst the inner is made of a waterproof lining into which the unpleasant filled waste bag can be placed. There is even a small scent pocket with a foam pad to enable you to hide any unpleasant odours with your favourite perfume or essential oil. Once secured using the simple, yet effective drawstring, you’re free to go. The adjustable, cross body design means both your hands are once again free to lead your dog, throw a ball etc, safe in the knowledge that the parcel you so diligently cleared up is safe and hygienically secure until you find a waste bin.

It’s so simple and with designs in tartan, Harris and Scottish Tweeds it really is the discreet and stylish way to carry dog waste on the move. They even offer a fully bespoke design service so you can make your Poo-Ch Bag unique. With sales both locally and nationally the Poo-Ch Bag is proving to be a real winner in the world of essential dog accessories.

“Our customers range from boutique pet suppliers to individuals, professional dog walkers and those looking for a unique gift for a dog owning friend, we even supply an Active Service version of the Poo-Ch Bag to Police dog handlers”!! adds Jane.   More information on the Little Cawdor Bag Company web site. 


Anonymous said...

What a great idea, will be purchasing one of those. Well done on helping a local business out

Anonymous said...

Some folk don't manage to put it into the first bag let alone a fancy second one

Maybe the designers could come up with a fancy bag that I can carry a spare pair of shoes in to change into after I've squidged though some unbagged poo?

Anonymous said...

As a dog owner I always clean up after my pooch, but have heard many an owner saying its good to take your dog for a walk in the woods as you don't have to bother about picking up their mess. How do you educate these types.