Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Historic Forres building is cleared for community ownership"

The Forres Tolbooth is going into Community Ownership. The news website Inside Moray reports:
"Ownership of the building will now be transferred to the Trust who have already carried out extensive work on the Tolbooth, with support coming from several sources including the Budge Trust who provided a £10,000 grant."

Those 1,000 plus members of NICE will be wondering if such a generous deal will perhaps soon be on the table for the old Social Work buildings after the town centre charrette to be held by Highland Council in April. There are also those in Nairn in the past who have suggested that the Courthouse itself should be transformed into a community asset and Highland Council staff moved to the likes of Viewfield. Parallels to be considered then in this news from Moray. More on Inside Moray here. 

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Anonymous said...

old social work buildings have been empty for too long,look at how mch council tax has been lost on them lying empty,the council should either refurbish and let them,or sell to highest bidder.