Saturday, February 15, 2014

Talismatic turnaround takes it at Turra

Turriff 2 Nairn 3.

The snow had conveniently melted just in advance of the County trip to the Haughs and the roads across the hilly Aberdeenshire landscapes were generally quiet. Once there the visiting fans were sanguine about an indifferent start and the first and second Turriff goals, it had the drift of the last three games about but it was a Saturday afternoon out after all and an occasion. The upstairs tier of the Turriff stand was full of smartly dressed wifies enjoying some sort of Ladies hospitality day and they made themselves heard across the park. So with some resignation the County fans endured the minutes that were left. 

Then Conor Gethins returned as a substitute and, not immediately, but after the second Turra goal, a magic ingredient returned with the talisman to bless the yellow and black shirts with an unbelievable turnaround and three goals – two of them in as many dying minutes of the game The roll of honour goes to Duncanson, Morrison and MacPhee in that order. Call it theft of three points if you like but it was an orgy of raw emotion when the third one went in. Three points in the Station Park cat burglars bag as everyone left for home – pausing for reflection on the way out with fellow fans here and there to try and analyse just exactly where it had come from – that peculiar quality that can vanish and return on a whim, that something special that gives a team something unique, something quite unquantifiable and beyond articulation – something that can lead to glory if it sticks around long enough. It was a mystical moment. 
More images later this weekend when time permits. 

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Anonymous said...

Jings, the Gurn goes all broadsheet on us.

I'm used to redtop stuff like "Nairn trump Turriff in last two minutes"

Well done to all