Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Overnight repairs ongoing to walls on Station Brae

A team of workmen are busy working away tonight repairing the walls close to the railway bridge on Cawdor Road. Parts of the walls have been in a dangerous state for some time and with the occasional stone and soil falling on the path adding to the dangers facing pedestrians on this busy thoroughfare. Tonight the work continues with three-way traffic lights in place. 
Here is a picture of one section of wall that the Gurn published in February 2010 which illustrates how certain sections of the wall have been in a bad state of repair for some considerable time. 


It's a gas said...

Overnight repairs, that's novel. I wonder if the idea could be passed onto a certain company who recently repaired a gas leak in Nairn?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so we'll just let traffic thunder over a gas leak?