Thursday, February 27, 2014

Claim that Highland Council are slow to respond to Freedom of Information requests on South Nairn matters.

Alastair Noble, one of the Community Councillors preparing for the forthcoming South Nairn planning appeal hearing,  said at the Westies and Subbies combined CC meeting on Tuesday night: 

“One of the other issues I wanted to raise is the Freedom of Information requests, and again for the councillors' benefit, they’ve been pretty slow in responding to. And it is absolutely fundamental to some of the work that has been done in preparation for this, so anything that can be done to make sure that the Freedom of Information requests are responded to fully and quickly…”

Rosemary Young, chairing the meeting, then asked Alastair to give further details.

He said: “Remember that the planners’ advice at the South Highland Planning was that the Community Councils hadn’t objected to it and there seems to be a fair amount of doubt around some of the, what was going on between the planners and the consortia between the Nairn South meeting and the PED meeting. So there’s issues there, there’s also quite specific issues around what was going on between TEC services and the road or traffic assessment people that the consortium were employing. And it makes it very difficult if people are doing a lot of work if what we find is after we’ve done the work is that there was other information that wasn’t given to them and it would be really, really helpful, and again I emphasise this point, we are united in this and we have to make sure we get the right answer and the best answer for Nairn out of this.” 

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