Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Third "Yes Nairnshire" public meeting of 2014 announced.

Yes Nairnshire have been quick off the mark in 2014 and have already held two meetings. Now they have realeased details of a third. The Gurn spoke to Danny Alexander recently (recording here) and he indicated that we could expect more activity from the Better Together campaign in Nairn soon but so far it is the pro-independence camp that are dominating the debate locally  this year. Click read more for details of the YES campaign's next meeting.

The third in a series of “Scotland’s Future” public meetings will be held in Nairn on Thursday 20th February at 8pm in the local Community and Arts Centre.

The Guest Speaker for this event will be Stephen Gethins, one of the SNP’s European candidates for the forthcoming election in May.

Stephen Gethins is a former Special Adviser on European and International Affairs to First Minister Alex Salmond. Stephen formerly worked in the European Union and in peace-building and democratisation in the former Soviet Union and Africa. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Advisers of the Scottish Global Forum*.

Speaking ahead of the event Stephen said:

“Scotland has a long history of cooperation and inter-action with our partners across Europe and the rest of the World. As a Nation we have long benefitted from Scotland’s place as a part of the international community. I want to see Scotland once again play its role as a full member of the international community of nations with the benefits, and responsibilities , that brings. We have a fantastic opportunity to discuss and debate the kind of Scotland we want to see after September this year. I look forward to discussing that with people in Nairn at our meeting on 20 February and sharing ideas.”

Local Councillor Colin Macaulay said “I am looking forward to welcoming Stephen to Nairn on the 20th. One of the issues that people have asked about is how Scotland will find its place in the wider world after independence. What existing partnerships will be strengthened and what new partnerships might be forged? With Stephen’s substantial professional involvement at the heart of European policy, he will lead a very informed discussion and debate.”

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