Tuesday, July 01, 2014

An "accountability" editorial that hits the spot

Another marvellous editorial in the Nairnshire this week that will resonate with all those in the town and beyond still fulminating over the revelation that Highland Council's failure to administer a Common Good lease in the correct way has resulted in a suspected "six-figure sum" loss to the said fund. Information came into the public domain about this major Common Good mishap at the recent meeting of the Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey area committee. Here's a gem from this week's Nairnshire:

"But the sad tale of the Sandown development rests firmly with a slow-moving council apparatus which was clearly incapable of operating in conjunction with the commercial world and now there is the matter of missing the review dates in the let of the Caravan Park. That was incompetence but what may be sticking in the craw of community councillors who met last week was the apparent inability or reluctance of Ward 19 councillors to actually question who was responsible for the omission."

Iain Bain certainly hits the spot with that one, more in this week's Nairnshire editorial, available at a newsagents or one of several Co-ops near you. There are also those who believe it should be immediately made public just how much money the fund has lost due to this "the mother of all Nairn Common Good balls-ups"? One of our regular readers suggests that the Gurn run a poll, a guessing game on just how much the suspected six figure sum might be because, after all, a six figure sum starts at 100,000 doesn't it? and can go to 999,999 - any accountants out there please correct our reader's thinking if that is not a correct use of the numerical terminology.
Anyone up for a Mystic Meg type guess?


Anonymous said...

You could also see if one of the bookies would take a bet on the closest guess :)

punter said...

I think it might be around 650K Do I win a free subscription if I am the nearest?

Anonymous said...

22 shillings and sixpence?

Anonymous said...

150k plus lost interest I would think circa 170 to 200 k in total