Friday, July 18, 2014

Watchdogs Communicating with the East Nairnshire Community

The newly elected East Nairnshire Community Council strategy to raise its profile among their patch’s residents will include a newsletter with images and information on who the councillors actually are and contact details. There may even be a little bit of door knocking too as the council goes proactive in seeking the views of the area’s population. Just how best to do that in the large rural area with scattered settlements exercised the new members minds on Wednesday night in the Glenferness Hall. There was a belief among some present that more needed to be done. One member of the public who attended the inaugural meeting of the watchdogs new term of office said:

“I always used to find that I had no clue when there was a community council meeting and when I mentioned it before all I ever got told was It’s in the window. I’m sorry I don’t stop all the time and look in the window. Or it’s in the bus shelter, I’m sorry I don’t wait for the bus over there. I don’t know about anyone else but I think it is very important that it is on...we need to find out where.”

The NECC publicity campaign will include the area’s notice boards too (albeit two of them are vandalised presently – see image below of the notice board at Moyness), a facebook page and a webpage presence and maybe even information in Nairn supermarkets where many East Nairnshire folk will obviously go at times. The next six meetings will be publicised in as many ways as possible.

There were quite a few items on the agenda on Wednesday night and there are obviously very real issues facing the scattered community – more later on what was the NECC discussed when time permits. In the meantime here’s a picture of the Moyness standing stones. Apparently the watchdogs are presently funding some irregular grass cutting there but over recent years whin bushes have invaded the scene. The NECC are to review their arrangements for looking after this spot. 

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