Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Two women cut off by tidal channels rescued from the Old Bar

Around 18.30 this evening Nairn Coastguard were out in force at the Harbour as a rescue operation got underway to rescue two women cut off on the Old Bar by the tidal channels. Nairn Coastguard reported on their facebook page: "with the assistance of Inverness coastguard team and Miro rescue boat the 2 people safely returned to shore."
An eye-witness told the Gurn that the women seemed none the worse for their experience and were able to climb the ladder on the eastern pier when returned by the Moray Firth Rescue organisation rib boat. Below images taken immediately after the rescue. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad this had a positive result and it just shows how easy it can be to get into a difficult situation. Well done to the rescuer's.