Friday, July 11, 2014

Nigel update

A lot of coverage today for Nairn’s, now famous, No campaigner Nigel Hanlin. Rumour has it that Ruth Davidson is in town on Monday to speak at a forum venue – a hard act to follow Ruth! There’s probably only one No show in town just now.

Nigel has been tweeted quite a bit on the hastag #highlander. The many video postings of his contribution to the BBC’s Question Time are attracting many thousands of hits on Youtube. There is an extensive article on the Huffington Post. The pro YES site, Wings over mentioned him in a post that has attracted a large amount of comment. The mega political blog “Guido Fawkes, Order, Order” featured him too. Love him or loathe him, he is the media man of the moment. The Scottish Daily Mail has boasted on twitter that they have an interview with him but the Gurn understands that quite a lot of the Highland “meejah” have beaten a path to his door today so in the morning there will probably be another wave of Nigel the Nairn No mannie .In the meantime here’s what the Highland News have to say. What next for Nigel? Big Brother?