Monday, July 21, 2014

Overgrown footpath latest - a local hero emerges!

Earlier today we published a short article on the state of the popular footpath that cuts across the fields at Firhall to the bridge across the River Nairn. Article here.

Since then Stewart MacLean has been out there cutting back the path for the benefit of the community, he said on the Nairn when you were a bairn facebook page: 

"I made a start on this path today As I have work tonight, I have had to stop for now. I will try and do a bit more on Friday, weather permitting." Here's an image of his work so far.

What an amazing difference this young man has made on the mess that had been stopping walkers following one of their favourite routes. Messages of thanks and support are piling into the Nairn when you were a Bairn pages thanking Stewart for his public spirited act. Stewart you are a credit to the community and the younger generation in Nairn, you are to be congratulated for your work to the benefit of others. Top man!


Stephen Fuller said...

Great work. Thanks Stewart for your effort. Just scrolled back to the post with the overgrown path seen ng the before and after shot.

Donald Wilson said...

I’d just like to add my thanks to young Stewart Maclean for his public spirited actions by tackling the grass problem on this path. I posted the pic a couple of weeks ago in the hope that those responsible for its maintenance would respond. Clearly they didn’t but Stewart has and for that he deserves the thanks of users of this much loved route along the riverside.