Wednesday, July 02, 2014

“Very extraordinary things can be found in ordinary places” Simon Varwell

Last night the Nairn Book shop put on a talk by Inverness based travel writer Simon Varwell and a remarkable evening’s entertainment it was too as Simon articulated his modus operandi with a set of images and a few extracts from his books.

His website proclaims: “I’m interested in the curious and unusual lurking among the everyday; and I enjoy finding unexpected beauty in the mundanity that lies far off the typical traveller’s bucket list.”  Those that know the stops on the Inverness Edinburgh service by heart will surely agree that many of them could well be described as filling the mundane criteria but what lies beyond those limited vistas we get from the train of those towns and villages we have travelled through so many times but know so little of? Over the course of six days in 2012 Simon travelled the line and stopped off at all twenty-three stations. “The Next Stop – Inverness to Edinburgh, station by station was the fruit of that expedition  

There’s much more to Simon’s writing than the Inverness-Edinburgh line however and he has two other travel books under his belt. More details on them here. This observer enjoyed the talk immensely and has found Simon’s website equally entertaining too after a wee browse of some of the sections. The author’s books (very competively priced are available in the Nairn Book Shop


Anonymous said...

Shame none of the books seem to be available on the Nairn Book Shop's website!

Anonymous said...

I got a copy off Amazon soon after the book first came out - it's an easy read, with lots of quirky insights to the destinations the author visited!

Simon Varwell said...

Hello Anonymous 1 - you could always give the shop a phone and I am sure they'd help you out. Maybe they just haven't got them up online yet as they're quite new in the shop.

Anonymous 2 - thank you very much for buying and reading! Glad you enjoyed it.

Nairn Bookshop said...

Hi Anonymous. We don't have all our available books on the website.

As mentioned by Simon, If you give us a call on 01667 455528 we can sort out a copy.

We can also take requests/orders via out " Contact Us" on our website