Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scotland Yet crowd-funded film at the Little Theatre

The crowd-funded film Scotland Yet was shown in the Little Theatre Nairn  on Saturday afternoon. Pictured above are film-makers Jack Foster left and Christopher Silver, in the centre one of the film team Chris.  

The film started by detailing the historical backdrop to the momentous events that lead up to the referendum on September the 18th and then went on to feature some of the artists that participate in the YES supporting National Collective but did also feature comment from the other side such as the high-profile George Galloway. 

After the film tea and cakes along with biscuits donated by MacLean's Highland Bakery were available from the "Aye have a dream" group that organised the event.

Are you organising any referendum related events in Nairnshire? Send us details if you are and pictures of any campaigning too if you wish. The Gurn is happy to publish opinion, videos, etc from any local residents be they YES, NO or undecided. If it's referendum related and happening in Nairnshire please let us know. 


I'm now a yes said...

I'm a local resident and after much thought I'm voting yes even though I've been a life long Labour supporter

I've become fed up with the negative media lies that are trying to frighten and suppress us as a nation.

It's not love that makes the union want to retain Scotland, it's our money and however you look at it Scotland on it's own would be a fairer better nation without Westminster

If the polls are correct we could face yet another Tory government at the next general election. True in a few years time we might get a Labour one, but I'm fed up of the revolving door of Westminster politics

The current government has brought us food banks, bedroom tax and no doubt has more measures up it's sleeve to hit the poor. I don't want to live in a society that makes us so unequal

So a yes from me

Anonymous said...

Ashers for me now.

Anonymous said...

Think not what Independence will do for you but what it will do to your Scotland.
Then a NO is the obvious vote.

With thanks, and apologies, to President J.F. Kennedy