Saturday, July 12, 2014

YES and NO stuff in the town centre today (12/07/14)

There was a YES stall in the town centre today as the pro-Independence campaigners sought to attract the attention of those coming down the street on their way to the popular Farmers' Market - image here. 
Also campaigning today was Nairnshire's best known No campaigner Nigel Hanlin. He made a statement on BBC's Question Time on Thursday night which attracted a fair bit of internet attention and interest from the mainstream media yesterday. One recording of Nigel placed on Youtube has now attracted over 290,000 hits and there are many others clocking up thousands of visitors. 
An image of Nigel on the High Street here - thanks to Murray for this picture. We hear too there might have been an official Better Together stall in town as well - any pictures out there please if there was?

Are you a YES or a NO voter, or undecided? Want to have your thoughts recorded for posterity on a wee video? The Gurn will be at the "Aye, Have a Dream" event on Saturday the 19th at the Little Theatre from around three o' clock onwards. Poster in the Gurn side bar at the moment. Pop down and see us next Saturday if you'd like to tell the world (or at least the Gurnshire part of it) your thoughts on the referendum. Alternatively send us your thoughts for publication to