Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Baton Q&A for Highland Council on twitter

This prompted this observer to use the same social media to ask a question of Glasgow 2014


Confused said...

Is Nairn the biggest built up area in Highlands after the city of Inverness?

If so, how so?

Graisg said...

Saying biggest town in the Highlands just doesn't sound right - Inverness has only been a City a short while.

Anonymous said...

as long as inverness has most control over Nairn,we will always get left out,

dr-grigor said...

If you want something you have to first ask and then pursue it... i would be very interested to hear if any of our local councilors actually made enquries on our behalf !

Anonymous said...

Why complain???

The baton has been travelling a huge journey all over the commonwealth for months on end now.

I'm sure it didn't travel to every town and village in the Commonwealth with a similar size population to Nairn, and Nairn was the worldwide exclusion.

Be enthusiastic and excited about the Commonwealth Games. Don't complain, please.

Graisg said...

It is possible to be enthusiastic about the Commonwealth Games and still want to know why Nairn didn't rate a visit during the period the baton was in Scotland. A lot of the smaller communities in Moray were visited for example?
Why was Nairn ignored? To want to find the answer to that is not to be critical of the gamers per se.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nairn missed out on the batton relay because the disgusting state the town centre is in.