Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Green is the new purple?

Aye him again:
Behind the scenes the co-op is looking pretty green as a food supplier. Those of us that have joined the queues for the checkout at the Nairn branch may have noticed that free carrier bags have all but disappeared, the idea being that we will all start using a proper message bag or trolly (Again). If you ask (For now) you can still get free carriers which as the blurb says (here) do break down. I opened the boot of my car one day to find what looked like the aftermath of a pigeon having been attacked by a hawk, but it was just a dead exploded co-op carrier bag! Whilst ending the glut of plastic is something I would support, despite taking your shopping bag along you still end up with a mountain of packaging surrounding your food. Fruit and veg is an area where I cannot see the need for so much packaging, although at least some shops allow you to choose exactly the quantity you want without the plastic wrap (Ramages for one).

Aye, AyeRight, they're even trying to recycle Somerfield for us :-)
I doubt if many Gurnites have more than the 'guranteed lol' £33,000 in The Bank of Scotland but if they have, would the co-op bags last long enough to get their dosh back home?


Anonymous said...

The co-op has a bank too so you would have to ask the question... in the current economic climate will the co-op remain open long enough in order for you to get a carrier bag to take the to your local HBOS in order for you to withdraw your £33K of savings!
And if a butterfly took off from somewhere would we have a prefect chaos theory?
Exciting times?

Anonymous said...

In the future will we still have a stockbrokers where the dole office used to be?

Anonymous said...

Fast heading toward a communist state?

Will come back Tommy be leading us?

Anonymous said...

Tommy: what a wet liberal - just look at George Bush, nationalising every financial organ that still has breath in it! Now that's socialism comrades!

Anonymous said...


for Bush this is desperation even with just a few months to go in office

no banks = no