Sunday, September 21, 2008

Was Nairnshire raving?

Or was AyeRight simply having flashbacks? Here's our correspondent's version of events :-)

A walk along the banks of the river Findhorn is usually a tranquil affair with just the odd fisherman or canoeist to disturb the scene, but this weekend AyeRight stumbled upon a rave party near to Glenferness Mains which was still going strong this afternoon (Sunday). Loud dance music punched through the air traveling miles across the peaceful countryside from the sizable sound system, bass thumping. Shrieks and cry’s from the party were also heard. The rave seemed well organised with marquees to keep folk dry (Heavy rain last night) with dozens of tents, caravans and cars apparent on the site. Away from the main site revelers climbed down the steep cliffs in order to gain access to the river. As in common with many such parties advertising seems to have been through word of mouth or exclusive Internet sites. Access to the site was marked by two small luminous pink signs on the main road (B9007) saying ‘Castrol 20/12’ - AyeRight wonders if any Gurnites attended?
Update: nothing to worry about AyeRight, the Editor understands that you simply stumbled upon someone's 21st birthday party.

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