Monday, September 22, 2008

Is Nairn 'horrifyingly quaint' and 'like the Truman Show'?

Another piece of writing concerning the film festival surfaces onto the world wide web and a certain Emma Lennox who thought she was 16 miles north of Inverness at the time offers her thoughts. Maybe she was sixteen miles north of Inverness and having a nightmare whilst asleep in a B&B the other side of Dingwall?
'Standing bedraggled in an empty street in Nairn, 16 miles north of Inverness and five hours from home, I looked at the pretty flowerbeds of the coastal Highland town and despaired. It was horrifyingly quaint. The sky was pressing upon my brow with burgeoning clouds and my head still ached in rhythm to the rails. I wondered why I was here; caught between the darkened heavens and gable ended homes. It had almost been a subconscious decision; whispers of a happening had blown around for months and sure enough, here it was; the Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams; an experimental day dream from the minds of Hollywood actress and local, Tilda Swinton, along with cinema know all, Mark Cousins. I had arrived for the tail end of the eight and a half day festival, to muse in the glowing projection of art, thoughts, ideals and beauty. But now the idea felt incongruous to the reality.'
If you too thought it was all about nightmares and not dreams then read some more of Lennox's idea of what happened. It's all here on Montage.
'The locals were easy to spot; they had smaller versions of themselves attached to their hems and they smelled of home baking and village fairs.'


Nairnac said...

For all that she is a very nice writer, she has very bad judgement (as displayed by her residence of choice in Weegieland)

She doesn't seem to have bothered to speak to a soul while she was here except for the poet beside her, and headed north despite hating everything about it before she left.

In fact she seems to hate everything -
hates the train getting here
hates the surroundings
hates kids
hates people with kids
hated being a kid
hates small town life
hates whimsy

I wonder why she had no-one to come with ?

In fact I wonder why she bothered at all.

Pity, because I do like her writing style. I'll persevere with some of her other stuff 'til I find something she liked.

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment on her blog suggesting that she should exhume the box she buried her innocence in, to she if she mistakingly buried a human being along with it.

Not surprisingly, she's chosen not to reproduce my comments :)

Graisg said...

Aye Anon, that blog doesn't seem to publish comments.

A blog with out comments is a blog without bottle?