Sunday, September 07, 2008

Nairn ripe for the taking Internet-wise?

With the local paper having no on-line presence and theofficial’ portal for Nairn being moribund there is an opportunity for a business enterprise to step in and fill the void. The Gurn isn’t really that kind of animal and anyway we hope to fill a more zany niche in the community psyche but step forward Iain Fairweather of fame. Iain is developing a new section on his site, the new site will offer various sections such as Events, Classifieds, Property for Sale and news. This is a very interesting development indeed and has the feel of a newspaper site such as the Inverness Courier. The appearance of Iain’s site is much better however, and has a user friendly feel. Users can place an ad for free at present but they have to register first. The Gurn expects that Iain will be a very busy man in the months to come if this initiative takes off. Will this be the lively interactive Nairn portal everyone has been waiting for?

Good luck from the Gurn for your venture Iain. 

Remember folks if you have something interesting to say and a PC with an Internet connection then talent will out. There is no going back now, the people are the media too! 


Anonymous said...

I hope the Gurn is getting paid an agreed sum to supply Iain's new site with content as well as advertising it to the millions of Gurn readers?
I for one will be sticking with the Gurn and will be using the eBay service (Not sure if you have heard of it?) to buy and sell stuff

Graisg said...

Hi Gurnite, up until now quite a bit of content has come the Gurn's way from - remember the Google spycar scoop and the pic of Tilda and Mark on the stepladders, plus the Fisherwifie picture.
Blogs and the like of Iain's initiative are not like the dead tree press, you don't buy one instead of the other, they actually increase each other's traffic in general.
Yes Iain's site is capitalist in nature but what's wrong with a bit of the old time religion?