Saturday, September 06, 2008

Salty the seagull

Iright has been pondering our seagull situation:

Nairn saw an initiative last year to try and stop folk feeding the gulls - posters of Salty the seagull with a plea not to feed him. I’m not sure if it provoked a life change (Or should that be a sea change?) for Salty and his pals? A trip to Nairn harbour would suggest that people still like to feed all kinds of junk food to the birds.
The BBC reports on a
new anti-gull initiative, this goes a bit further than posters as you will see.
Folk in Dumfries will have measures taken upon the resident gull population such as removal of eggs and nests
If there is a problem with gulls swooping for food surely it is because we have caught most of the fish in the sea and given them an appetite for human food?

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