Friday, September 19, 2008

Gaelic telly starts tonight: bidh sianal Gaidhlig a' toiseachadh a-nochd

Starts 2100. Channel 168 if you have sky and you can get it on Freessat too. Also the launch will be shown on BBC2 Scotland.


Anonymous said...

I wish the new channel well but it seems to be severally compromised in terms of it’s success by being limited to Sky and Freesat for at least two years before being considered for the likes of Freeview?

Graisg said...

There's no doubt that is a big drawback. However, the Gaelic channel will be available on Sky throughout the UK and even in Ireland where they already have their own Gaelic station. Quite a lot of Scots, Gaels and others and folk of Scottish descent live south of the border and it may be that they will watch the channel for its Scottish content. The viewing figures may be quite surprising when you consider that the current affairs programme Eòrpa is sometimes viewed by more than 200,000 in Scotland on BBC 2.