Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Serious delay to Sainsbury plan as application 'Called in'

We'll have to wait and see how the implications impact on the Pettifer/Sainsbury plan for Balmakeith but there will certainly be a lot of disappointed people in Nairn today as the letter below gets pushed through letterboxes all over Nairnshire.

Looks like we'll all be driving to Forres and Inverness for a while yet - condemned to leave town in search of the basic choice of food that other communities take for granted.


Bill said...

It's a real shame, but those in favour (such as me) will just have to try and agitate to ensure that the Scottish Executive/Government makes the decision in favour of allowing it to go ahead, just as local councillors listened to local opinion in the teeth of objections from the planning officials.

Anonymous said...

The Gurn reports it first again

bad news for Nairnites though