Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dog Poo DNA: the answer to Nairn's problem?

Another one of those Ayeright reports:

Dog poo has been an emotive subject in Nairn (As for many other places). We have seen graffiti in the street complaining about it (As reported here in the Gurn), extra council support staff hired, but now someone has come up with a fool-proof solution.
Would having the offence tracked back to your pooch stop the problem, named and shamed for all to see? The UK is already a big brother society when it comes to CCTV coverage and with DNA taken from many males in Nairn as part of the Alistair Wilson murder enquiry should we allow unfettered Police access to held DNA profiles in order to solve crimes more efficiently?
If it keeps the turds off the streets let's roll with it AyeRight! If you are innocent you have nothing to fear but the smelly stuff on your shoes.


AM said...

I agree DNA might be the answer,how about the kids that drop litter,Nairn is a glorifide rubber tip.AEM

Graisg said...

Your local council could do something about it.

'The Highland Council is actively pursuing people who drop litter in the centre of Inverness in a campaign to keep the Capital of the Highlands clean and tidy.

People who carelessly discard litter in any open place are committing a criminal offence under the Environment Protection Act 1990'