Friday, September 19, 2008

The thoughts of Provost Liz

'MacDonald says improving the infrastructure is a top priority, including making the town centre more accessible and visitor-friendly, attracting new retailers and tackling traffic congestion.'
More of Liz's views about Nairn and its festvials' success in an article on the information Portal for the public sector:
The article goes on to state: 'But the regeneration effort involves compromises – Nairn has battled in vain for more than a decade to attract a major supermarket to the town centre, and is now likely to settle for an out of town development'

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Anonymous said...

How about our Provost & esteemed councillors back the Rector at the decrepit learning establishment in Duncan Drive and call for the much needed funds to enable our Secondary School to actually take it's place in the current century? As a place of learning it has far too many areas that make learning (or more importantly, concentrating) almost impossible.