Thursday, September 25, 2008

Give Way

A recent visitor to Nairn described the town as 'horrifyingly quaint'
AyeRight reckons part of it is now horrifyingly fake
Fake Victorian lampposts, and hanging basket brackets were at one level of bad taste, but in the latest lighting revamp in the Fishertown we are seeing modern day street signs stuck on fake Victorian light poles - why? I'm not sure that the Victorians had traffic signs (Road name plaques yes) but to marry old with new in this way beggars belief. I dread to think what will come next, plastic horse droppings, cobbled streets, no services (Water, electricity, gas, phones etc). I'm afraid to write in case I give somebody ideas! Please stop it, it doesn't even look twee just bad, and to boot the Fishertown is now covered with badly filled in trenches post the fake Victorian lighting install. Give way? I give up!

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