Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Could we see a bit of change on the Community Councils soon?

The CC elections are coming up and one thing is certain there will be a new set up on the combined West and Suburban CC. Who of the present crowd on those two councils will stand and who will pack it in.

Any Gurnites thinking of getting involved and standing for the Suburban/West Council or River Community Council - or any of the other Nairnshire CCs? Nominations open on September 21st.


Anonymous said...

Community councils are little more than a talking shop they have no power

Local government needs to be properly devolved back to communities, Nairn needs it's own council based here in the town, not in the depths of Inverness

Unknown said...

I would love to darling, but Dr Lecter isn't keen. He thinks the power will go to my head Toodle pip! Xx

Bertie said...

Pookie dahling to hell with Dr Lecter you have a mind of your own so what if it goes to your head why should you give a monkeys fart, your free spirit & artistic flair along with you rubbing shoulders almost daily with the creme da la creme of the worlds leading members of society with all this knowledge in your your beautiful napper just think of the power thats just in your well manicured pinkie alone my god can you imagine what one hand alone most hold!
I never imagined you with a faint heart go for it sister & become a community councilor, I look forward in the future to reading your council comments when reported in The Gurn,
must go there is a G&T waiting to pass through my lips, Chow Chow

Unknown said...

How very kind of you to say so, Bertie old bean!

Well it's true I can be very persuasive when my blood is up and us Candelabras never backed away from a good scrap!

Politics is a fickle game old fruit - but then again - if Kanye West & Donald Trump can do it, then someone has to step in and deal with this madness...!!

I do hope your G&T was satisfactory and perfectly mixed. Dr Lecter is on the warpath now - I think he may be a tad jealous! (-: XX