Sunday, September 06, 2015

Last day of the Festival Art Exhibition in the Courthouse

"10am - 4pm, Monday 31st August to Sunday 6th September

The Court House, High Street, Nairn


Large paintings by professional Highland artists Kirstie Cohen, Evelyn Pottie, Jonathan Shearer, Allan Macdonald, Wendy Sutherland, Eugenia Vronskaya and Peter White.


Steve Smith & Shaun MacDonald are both Nairn based artists who work in WASPS studios. This show explores some of the contextual and material commonalities that are evident in their respective practices.

A shared interest in the interzone that exists between contemporary popular culture and their perceptions of high culture, notions of craft, skill and authorship collide and spark resulting in works that are resolute in their own ambiguity and at times disparaging of their own aspirations. 2D, 3D & 2.5D works."

Murray MacRae visited the exhibition yesterday and took a few pictures

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