Friday, September 25, 2015

Infrastructure now the biggest obstacle to development in Nairn? Laurie launches out!

On Wednesday this week the Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey area committee met and planning officials outlined a route map for a new South Nairn master plan and transport assessment. 

Cllr Stephen Fuller asked if Water and Sewage would be included in the new consulatation and whether the Nairn Sewage works would have capacity to accommodate extra building. This observer hasn't got the energy to go back and listen to the webcast to record the exact response to that but is inclined to say that he got a long-winded yes on that one from officials. 

Then Provost Laurie Fraser leapt in with his take on the roads situation, he said:

"My main concern over the whole thing now over what has occurred over the last few years is that Nairn has really reached the limits of its expansion with the current infrastructure that we have. I’m seriously concerned that we should really be curtailing some of the long term plans because the situation has actually changed in the last few months because...the White Bridge up near Croy is needing replaced, you’re talking of weight restriction and the reality is the existing roads and other bridges in the area just can’t take any serious heavy use if the infrastructure through Nairn starts to break down. 

I’m seriously concerned that although we are looking purely at Nairn here, you need to look at the structure further out. Certainly if you are looking at roads, particularly the roads what the effect is if you have a blockage in Nairn; the delays of actually going through the town, the delays of actually working in the town, it’s getting to the point where the whole thing is becoming stagnated and transport travelling through the town is virtually impossible. I’m seriously concerned that someone is going to come up with another proposal and we are going to have the same problems again in a year’s time on infrastructure. 

So I’m concerned that we are trying to build in something that we may not be able to achieve. We are trying to provide more living space for land owners or for developers and the reality is that we may not be able to provide that facility and I have my concerns about the future expansion of the town. I remember having the debate twenty years ago – has the town grown big enough? And the general view of the Council then, it was the district council, was yes it has. We keep adding more and more too it but we do nothing for the infrastructure. That’s my big concern. "


Graisg said...

@Nairnite - before I publish your comment can you point me to where Laurie spoke about the Common Good. Is it on the webcast and if so at what time point?

@Roderick you say "Cllr. Fuller needs to collaborate with his fellow Councillors, MP, MSP, List MSP'S, MEP and any other political entity that receives a financial reward for "SERVING" Nairn." fine but as to the other stuff re Scottish Water can you send us some of the correspondence and we will look into it. It would only be fair to ask them for their side of the story.

Unknown said...

certainly, where do I send it?

Graisg said...

Roderick, have you ever thought of taking your complaint to the Community Councils? Suburban and West have meetings next week both on the same night. Info in the Nairnshire.

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember any developer offering to put money into the infrastructure of the town, water treatment, schools, hospital etc.The nearest we've come to it was Sainsbury's being asked to contribute to the A96 in the form of a roundabout and the numerous sets of traffic lights that are a burden rather than an asset

But, the view of councils always seems to be to welcome developers with open arms

It's not often I agree with Laurie but I do agree with him on this occasion that the council need to take a serious look at infrastructure

Personally I would like to see further housing development in the shape of half a dozen houses at a time, not the huge numbers that we've seen in the past for Sandown and south Nairn. Currently there is the possibility of 80 houses being built at Lochloy Rd, just imagine the extra pressure that will put on the A96 junction

Sadly I don't think many people will take notice of what Laurie is saying and I fully expect further plans for large scale developments to appear for Nairn no doubt addressing any potential traffic issues by saying the bypass will take care of them. Well let's see it built first

Unknown said...

I have, via Graham Kerr at last month's joint meeting. my point is that the unpaid CC's should do their best to monitor events. The paid officials and politicians should lead the fight against this disgusting imposition and try to rally public support to end what (in my opinion) is a "Blot on out Landscape" and possibly a health Hazard.

Rod Ralph

Graisg said...

May be wrong anon but believe Highland Council do regularly get developers to undertake certain things or make contributions.