Wednesday, September 02, 2015

No World War 2 radiation at Kingsteps Quarry

"Tests have found no evidence of radioactive contamination at a quarry where it was rumoured military aircraft were dumped after World War Two.

The former Kingsteps Quarry at Nairn was examined for the remains of aircraft instruments which were illuminated using radioactive paint.

Highland Council ordered the survey following "word of mouth" suggestions of buried planes."  More here on the BBC site.


Anonymous said...

and how much did this survey cost us,/??more wasted money.

Anonymous said...

Needed to be checked out Narook. Presume you would have preferred the Council to just wait for illness to develop? Much better safe than sorry methinks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the risk would have been though?? I bet some still have a watch tucked away with the same paint.

Anonymous said...

Just have to look at the likes of Dalgetty Bay to see the possible risk there could have been