Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Son et Lumière - Viewfield - Nairn Book and Arts Festival

The faces of the past were given a canvas to look down on the Nairn folk of 2015. What a masterstroke of an idea to illuminate the front of Viewfield House with images from Nairn’s past. Many readers will know lots of these pictures well by now but to see them on the facade of one of Nairn’s fine buildings was literally to see them in a new light. 

Commentary too from Alan Barron offering windows on these scenes and taking your mind further into many different lives and times. 

When the main show of pictures was over the projector kept running and more images of Nairn’s past and previous generations looked down as today’s inhabitants entered the museum - the past and the present merged as one.

Full Screen Slideshow here. Individual pictures here. 

And below a few minutes of Alan's presentation on video

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