Sunday, September 13, 2015

Local Girl Returns to Home to Open Crafty Wee Birdie Gift Shop of Nairn High Street

Nairn local lass Iona Hampson has returned to Nairn to take over the old Eliza Kate Crafts premises on Nairn High Street. Iona, who left Nairn to attend art school, has worked for the likes of Cath Kidston and already runs her own craft and design business, Crafty Wee Birdie, jumped at the chance to take over the premises when its previous owner decided to leave.

Eliza Kate Crafts had become a popular fixture in Nairn for local producers to
sell their wares, and for local people and tourists alike to be able to find Scottish made goods that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Iona herself sold her Crafty Wee Birdie range in the shop under its previous management and recognises how important outlets like this are for the craft industry.

Crafty Wee Birdie Gift Shop allows crafters and artists to rent shelves or wall spaces which allows the producer to sell their wares in a retail environment without the expense or expansion that selling their items wholesale usually requires. 

Iona is a founding member, and still current co-manager, of the popular and highly acclaimed craft market Aberdeen Ministry of Crafts with co-manager, jeweller Carolyn Anderson Shepherd of knittykittybangbang in Forfar. Through Aberdeen Ministry of Crafts she has formed a vast network of crafters and designers from across Scotland who are eager to fill Crafty Wee Birdie Gift Shop with items previously unavailable as far north as Nairn. 

The shop officially opens on Saturday 12th September. For more information visit the Crafty Wee Birdie Gift Shop Facebook page


Anonymous said...

Local 'woman' maybe or is she still at school?

Graisg said...

"May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young"

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the sentiments of Dylan's song re staying young but referring to a woman as a girl is demeaning. A local man of a similar age returning to Nairn would I suggest not be referred to as boy

I wish Iona well with her new venture :-)

Graisg said...

I did actually say to a group of workmen on the High Street today "How you doing boys" and I survived lol.
Actually the headline and the article is merely Gurn Churnalism at its best - just copying and pasting what we receive :-)

dr-grigor said...

I would say that a more mature woman being referred to as a girl would make there day ,lol

The bairn said...


Well sonny, how about we refer to you from now on as the wee boy? No doubt made your day ROFL

sid said...

As the husband of the girl/woman/lass/wifie in the article, I think you're all missing the point! Iona has come home and made the shop a success, which is brilliant news for nairn and the high street!