Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nairn increase in rent arrears indicates poverty kicking in?

24% of bairns locally live in poverty - that statistic was put into the public domain by a local GP. Recently the Citizens Advice Bureau did their best to alert us all to some of the difficulties that a lot of people in our community face. The manager of the Nairn CAB office stated in connection with a visit of our local MP:

"Gill MacLean, Manager of Nairn CAB added: “We appreciated Drew taking the time to meet with us to learn about our experience of the issues which face people in and around Nairn. Low pay, seasonal work, zero hours contracts, expensive public transport and the lack of affordable housing means “in work” poverty is on the increase.”

Nairn may outwardly look prosperous and for many people that are comfortably off it is indeed Disneyland but behind the scenes all is not well. This observer would suggest that a recent increase in rent arrears in Nairn could well be connected with the poverty that many people in our community have to endure. Below is a section of a report going to the Area Committee tomorrow for the attention of our local councillors.

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Anonymous said...

The report referred to in the earlier link which describes the methodology used concludes with the following:

"These figures should always be presented as estimates. The procedures used to create these estimates are far from perfect."

And it would be interesting to know how many commentators actually know what the definition of child poverty is?