Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Save Nairn Paddling Pool" Facebook group formed

What did we all do before the internet? This morning just before seven we published an article relating the events from last night's Nairn West Community Council meeting in Nairn Academy. In that meeting the option of removing the paddling pool and replacing it with play equipment was seriously mooted by Councillor Liz MacDonald as a discussion that could soon be entering the public domain. Article here. 

At 8.18 a comment was received which stated: "A Facebook page has been set up " Save Nairn Paddling Pool" please like and share!"

We have just let that and other comments go through to appear on the page, it is now 9.39 and the public Facebook group "Save Nairn Paddling Pool" has 109 members - you can view it here. 

The internet certainly speeds up citizen reaction to events that occur in Nairn's civic self by way of Community Council meetings.

Update 18.45 Lots of debate ongoing tonight on the new page.