Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 18th 2013! A day that changed everthing - no going back? (That's right 2013)

No, not September 18th 2014 (but there seems to be little argument that Scotland went through a bit of a political transformation regardless of the result of the referendum). Let's be parochial however and rewind a further 12 months  to September 18th 2013 in Nairn. On that day Michael Green said:

" This is a culture change. I think this is a pivotal moment for Highland Council"

Here's what happened as Highland Councillors visited Nairn on a site visit for the unpopular South Nairn planning application that would have had catostrophic implications for road safety at the already dangerous Cawdor Road railway bridge pinch point.

Nairn residents took to the street to protest at Inverness Highland Council rule and to ask for more say in how their town develops in the future. Will things ever be the same?

One young man whose life was eventually to be transformed by his involvement in the events of the following September 18th posted an image of 18/09/13 on twitter.    The Gurn team took a few pictures of the day the worm turned too: more here on "An lath a ghabh muinntir Inbhir Narann na sraidean orra."


Anonymous said...

Will the SNP let the people of Scotland vote on referendum to leave the EU?
I think they will be shocked to see just how many want out,
and we should be asked, not just be told what to vote or think by N.Sturgeon.
I don't think they will ask us.
Remember independence is worthless if we are not independent from Europe.

figures speak for themselves said...

@Anon 3:29

Aren't you forgetting the overwhelming number of people who have voted for the SNP in numerous elections presumably because they support SNP policy that includes membership of the EU. 56 out of 59 Scottish MP's are SNP

To me an independent Scotland that was still part of the EU would be worth a great deal, and I think you'll find the majority of voters would agree

Graisg said...

??? This is a People's Front for the Liberation of Nairnshire thread and is all about the other September the 18th!