Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chris MacKinnon completes Marathon des Sables - one of the toughest running competitions in the world.

That's the five stages over and with 250Km of Sahara Desert under his belt Chris MacKinnon has completed the gruelling run across inhospitable conditions. It looks like that isn't quite it though as the tracker indicates he is competing in a special charity stage today!  


Anonymous said...

An amazing accomplishment, well done. I can't even imagine how tough that was.

Anonymous said...

Chris is a shining example to all of us, he is an amazing human being, sets himself goals to achieve and carries them through. We can all learn a lot from that, mainly to put fear behind us and GO FOR IT!

James Logan Ralph said...

Come on ALL you Gurnites if every one of us gave Chris just £1 he would have an even greater result and I am including the Gurn "Advertisers" in this.
Chris has shown what he is made of - lets show him the same respect.
If you can.... be a bit more generous.

Anonymous said...

You know, it has been really refreshing following this on the Gurn. Makes a change from all the argy bargy you can get with some of the topics.
I have enjoyed tracking Chris on his progress over the last few days, and it felt good making a donation to his chosen Charity.
Thank you for the opportunity

Chris Mackinnon said...

I would like to thank those who took time to post a comment and show an interest in recent events, now that Im back It's starting to sink in as the recovery takes hold and I realise how much Ive beat myself up over the course of the miles.

Im just one of many who completed the 257km race, quite a hight percentage never made it through which is sad but at the end of the day its really down to what you have inside, anyone reasonably fit can learn to run but the key is having your head in the right place, Ive been in some dark places over the years and life in general had prepared me for the 'Keep on going' aspect.

James, appreciate the gesture on appeal, the sums raised have been beyond my wildest expectation, I did not think I would even come close but the support from people I know and also people I don't took the wind out of my sails, really quite humbling.

'We are only hear once, make your opportunities and don't stop till you wipe out what you set out to do'