Friday, April 29, 2016

Wild bee rescue Nairn April 2016 - video

On Wednesday afternoon (27th of April 2016) local beekeepers responded quickly when alerted to a fallen tree that contained a large colony of bees close to one of the riverside walks in Nairn. More information in the video made by the rescuers themselves.

Like many other river walkers this observer has walked past that tree thousands of times and was unaware of the presence of bees. Ann and her colleagues had been monitoring the bees however and now they are happily settled in their new home.

This just goes to show that wildlife makes just as much use of the dead and decaying trees as the live ones and they have their  place in the wonderful ecosystem that we enjoy along the riverside. Well done the Nairnshire beekeepers!


Chris said...


Veronica Mackinnon said...

Incredible footage, full marks to the beekeepers. Mother nature is wonderful. Shame they have gone though, I did enjoy watching them on my walks round the river.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic film. Kudos to all involved.

Anonymous said...

shoulda played some bee tles music,,,,,like honey,,don't,,,lol

Graisg said...

@anon 9.30 Yes that's the tree