Monday, May 02, 2016

Michael Green “Wheels turn slowly but they do actually turn.”

Historical issues concerning the Nairn Common Good were discussed last week at the regular meeting of Nairn West/Suburban Community Council in the Community Centre. Michael Green said:

“We dealt with the Sandown fiasco. We got that partially resolved. We got money back. We’ve now got the current scenario surrounding the fishing lease and a report will be coming back in the next two or three weeks to the ward and then we’ll release it out at the next area committee. That is the sort of time scale we are talking. The Highland Council Legal Department, at their expense I should point out, have been going through the records, have been looking at this and they will come back with a position which we can discuss and take action, and if we’re due money then we will get the money. It’s similar to the paddling pool, things happen slowly, processes go slow, they don’t go anywhere near as fast as you would expect or would wish but they do happen. The paddling pool was resolved, that was a Common Good issue, we go through process. The Fishing Leases will be resolved, it’s not sustainable for us to be going on paying 9-10 thousand pounds a year. ” 

Bill Young was dissatisfied with the speed the issue was moving forward however, he said that he didn’t see why it would take to next December to decide that.

Michael Green said: “Wheels turn slowly but they do actually turn.”


Anonymous said...

Anybody whose glass is always half-empty should stand for Council next year.
That is all Nairn needs, Victor Meldrews and Hyacinth Bouquets!

Wheels on the bus said...

Michael Green said: “Wheels turn slowly but they do actually turn.”

Aye, backwards most of the time

murd said...

They sure do Michael.
No more so when it comes to making the station brae safe for pedestrians . But you did say it was A priority. Well I can assure people others have being the same thing for years.
I think the brakes are seized on that one.


Anonymous said...

Three wheels on Nairn's waggon and we're not rolling along - the waggon hit a pothole and shuddered to a halt!

Graisg said...

@anon what do you mean exactly by up for grabs? Sale or lease?