Friday, May 20, 2016

A bit of work needed down at the harbour?

Local photographer Murray MacRae has sent us some pictures of one or two spots down the Harbour that look as though they badly need some work done to stop further deterioration.


Individual images here.


Anonymous said...

Probably a good idea to ask the Harbour Masters advice on any proposed works which may be forthcoming before making any detrimental comments.

Salty Dog said...

Cracking pictures from Murray! after looking at the photos I went down to the harbour for a nosey & things are now even worse.

puddle duck said...

The solution is obvious. Set Murd on the case. And now that Councillor Liz and her shovel have filled in Murd's puddle up at the bridge, send her down to the harbour to sort this out. Simples.

MURD said...

Just say what you want!
Puddle Duck A fence around the harbour or just to have it filled in? YOUR WORD IS MY COMMAND. Ha Ha


Anonymous said...

Highland Council have plans to dredge the harbour this year, not so much to make it better for the boats that currently use it but so they can fit even more craft into the space

HC have also been increasing the harbour dues way above inflation for several years now -

It's now not affordable for many people to keep a boat there and even to launch a boat from the slipway costs over £20 a time

But in hard financial times it's become a good cash cow and as long as they have a full harbour with a waiting list they're not going to change anything with regard to costs or facilities

I would imagine little work will be done to the two piers and I fully expect the east pier to be closed to the public very soon under health and safety considerations. Another tourist attraction lost to Nairn, especially for people staying at Parkdean

Graisg said...

Do you have set of figures to back up the above inflation rises anon?
Pricey perhaps but there is a waiting list to get into the harbour isn't there?