Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Shock News from Station Park as Chairman and Directors of Football resign

The news as seen on the Wee County's Facebook page

The resignations coincide with the 40th anniversery of Nairn County's legendary play-off win against Fraserburgh at Borough Briggs that saw the side win the Highland League. Another post from the Nairn County Social page here.

UPDATE: Resignation announcement was not meant to coincide with 40th anniversary of title win. 


Anonymous said...

I've just read the chairmans statement, lots of fine talk about financial contributions etc. and a good playing surface, much appreciated i'm sure, but, have we won the league? NO! Ask any supporter what they really want.!!

Mo Macmillan said...

I'm sure fans would also recognise that without the Mackintosh's there would be no Nairn County FC!

Man on the Hill said...

After ploughing so much time and money into County, it seems a very strange way for them to decide to call it a day.
Although they are under no obligation to do so, I think the club, supporters and the town deserve a full explanation as to their reasons.

Anonymous said...

When the County was saved the residents of Nairn invested money as well

Some small amounts and others £500 or £1000

Can the present situation re that town buy in be clarified

Graisg said...

Would thing that anyone that brought shares is still a shareholder Anon unless they have disposed of their shares since that particular fund raiser.

Anonymous said...

Not a word of gratitude.!