Monday, May 30, 2016

Celeb endorsement for Ardersier anti-sewage works campaign

Dame Helen Mirren has joined the campaign started by residents of Ardersier and Petty against the proposed Waste Treatment Plant that Scottish Water wish to locate near the village. More on the campaign facebook page here.


Anonymous said...

Tue 31 May 16: NT Leader, LtrtoEd "Detrimental to Ardersier"; The Times Page 3 "Dame Helen takes a starring role in village fight against waste plant"; NT Page 3 "Authorities meet to discuss Nairn's water quality problems.

Significantly, the 31 May 2016 newspapers and the Gurn carry the news in sufficient print columns to show that the Highland Council Planning Authority’s dream of creating a Costa del Moray, on the back of the A96 Corridor Plan (which was never endorsed by elected Councillors), is now floundering under the pressure of failing to invest in sustainable infrastructure to cope with the sewage volume that thousands of extra houses will create.

It is interesting that £11M can be found by Scottish Water, to upgrade the current Ardesier plant to attempt to satisfy the sewage needs of the Tornograin development (developer: Moray Estates), yet the Nairn Sewage plant, which is already 27% over capacity, contributes to Nairn beaches failing the European bathing water standards, plus the annual stench hanging over Nairn in the height of the tourist season. Yet no money can be found to do what is needed now for Nairn, when very little of Tornograin has been built out.

Credit to Ardesier for using their celeb contacts to raise the profile in their campaign to make SW re-think their solutions, without full consultation, knowing that if they had consulted they would have to do lots of extra work!! I would recommend that as many locals as possible attend the Ardesier CC and SW meeting tomorrow 1 Jun at 1500.

NRCG argued the case of inadequate sewage in Nairn back in the 2009 Sandown Lands development Appeal; ditto the Nairn South development, which THC persists with, because they have mortgaged their soul with the developers!! There are persistent issues with sewage from the Lochloy development, which will be exacerbated once a development just further east of Lochloy comes on stream.

Does any of the above leave the Nairn/Ardesier Community with confidence that something sensible may come from the Scottish Government, THC, SW and SEPA, the agencies responsible for putting this right.

Graisg said...

Can you tell us please anon, as if you say, how the A96 Corridor plan was never endorsed by councillors.
£11 million, is that in a press release anywhere.
Nairn sewage works 27% over capacity? Seen reference somewhere to capacity for another 600 houses to be built in Nairn.