Thursday, May 19, 2016

Take care if eating outdoors in bus station area - seagulls now stealing sandwiches

One of our regular readers sends us this image of the aftermath of a seagull snatching a sandwich from his wife at the bus station. 

Our correspondent told us earlier this week:

"I have just come in from work to find that my wife had been attacked by a vicious gull today while eating a small sandwich while waiting at the bus station for a bus into Inverness. She had just finished work & was having a quick bite to eat before going shopping & had just gone to take a bite of the sandwich when it swooped to grab the sandwich without warning & as a result she now has a badly bruised cut on her bottom lip."

We had an update today with picture, our Gurn regular added: "she had to go and get a tetanus shot and is now on antibiotics."

Please be aware Gurnites if having an al fresco snack in some of the current breeding hotspots because you may be putting temptation Salty's way and yourself perhaps at risk. There was a discussion about seagulls at last Wednesday's River Community Council meeting and the situation remains the same - the Council will not remove nests from private property.