Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sheena Baker praises Michael and Liz on their Nairn Beach bathing water standards efforts

The new classifications caused by a change in the way that Nairn's bathing water quality test information is graded under the EU Directive continues to make waves. Sheena told the Gurn specifically in response to a previous article here in which Liz mentions information that will appear on SEPA's new electronic signs that will appear on Nairn's beaches:

“Well done Liz and Michael. At least two of our Councillor’s are taking the matter seriously which is the correct thing to do.

We are a tourist town and the biggest jewel in the crown is the miles of beautiful sandy beaches and the possibility that folks may choose to go for a dip!

If we have to have this electronic signage then surely there must now be some real impetus from all the organisations responsible to try and get a proper resolution to this ongoing problem. During all the many years I have lived in Nairn I have heard reference to the fact that when the river is in spate normally following heavy rain the sewage works cannot cope and the inevitable occurs.

Earlier this year I had to gingerly walk across Merryton Bridge at 8.55am. Sewage was pouring into the river from the Fishertown emergency exits and the trap on the Lochloy side of the bridge was also pushing water and other unmentionables out!

This needs sorting, yes it needs Capital investment BUT someone or a combination of organisations need to urgently put their heads together and “pool” (intentional) their thoughts into forming and agreeing the necessary action plan to correct this once and for all.

This outflow of sewage occurred years before the Lochloy and other new housing schemes were built. They have now been built and are adding more output into the sewage plant thus reducing the ability of the plant to cope when a deluge or spate occurs. These houses all pay water rates so the income to Scottish Water etc has greatly increased. Let’s see some of it being spent and re-invested in Nairn sorting out this problem.

The town centre businesses have suffered greatly as the recent Gas works deprived them of footfall. Let us not add to the agony of any further loss of business by turning tourists off coming to this beautiful area and it’s many amenities. If they do not come then it will not just be the town centre businesses that will suffer. All the bed providers will also be affected.”

Anyone wishing to comment on the EU Directive's latest bathing water classifications for Nairn please write to Small pieces for publication as articles most welcome.